Segulah for Children - Sefer Torah


  Feb 14 2021

 To all of our dear brothers and sisters in Klal Yisrael, 

     On April 15, 2020, the 7th day of Chol Hamoed Pesach, Karine and I were blessed with our first baby. Our baby boy was born at 8:26 pm after an emergency C-Section. There was an unexpected serious complication that caused the baby to be placed in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Unfortunately, just two days later, Hashem in his infinite wisdom decided that our beautiful, precious baby boy, had finished his Tikun in this world and Hashem took him to sit by his throne of glory in shamayim. During the time our baby was on this earth, we realized how special he was and how much of an impact he was able to make, in such a short time. Our baby was the cause of thousands of our brothers and sisters to join together to shake the heavens with their prayers. Many of these people had no idea who we were, all they knew was that another Jew was hurting and in need of tefilot, and that they were going to do this chessed. Our special boy brought unity and chessed to this world. We want to thank everyone for all of the prayers that were said on behalf of our son, and for the outpouring of love and support we received. 

     Karine and I spent a lot of time trying to decide how to turn this, seemingly, tragic event, into something positive. We asked ourselves how we could continue the legacy of unity and chessed that was started by our son. After much introspection, we decided to commission the writing of a Sefer Torah and dedicate it to all the families who have not had children, or who have lost a child, thereby uniting us all. Only later did we find out how much Hasgacha Pratis was involved in this decision, as we learned that the Imrei Shefer brings a segulah for those who do not have children, and for those who have lost children, to write a Sefer Torah. The Imrei Shefer adds that he himself has witnessed the effectiveness of this segulah. Additionally, the Rambam writes when someone donates money for the writing of the Sefer Torah, it is counted as if he wrote it. 

      Keeping in mind the chessed our son caused, we would like to share this segulah with anyone who can use it, and so we are offering everyone a chance to join with us in writing this Sefer Torah, which will, IY”H, be dedicated on the first yahrtzeit of our dear precious son. In this way we can continue the unity and chessed that he brought to this world.  

Thank you and with much love to everyone,

Karine and Kamy Beroukhim   

Posted by Beit Medrash of Great Neck