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  Oct 21 2019 . Berkeley, CA, USA

Co-founded in October 2016, Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB) is a ragtag team of dreamers with one ambition, one vision, to soar upwards at UC Berkeley in partnership with The Youth Project USA. We are students from an amalgam of disciplines and studies, wrought together in our love for rocketry. From freshmen to seniors, from mechanical engineers to genetics majors, from Californians to Australians, meet the crew that makes Space Enterprise at Berkeley possible.

This semester we have embarked on our most ambitious rocket project, EUREKA-1. While our previous rockets flew with solid motors to test composite aero-structures and flight electronics, EUREKA-1 will be flying with our very own liquid fuel engine. EUREKA-1 is targetted to fly higher than any other collegiate liquid fuel rockets to 45,000 ft! But more importantly, the project serves as an important stepping stone to validate our rocket technologies to reach space! 

As awesome as our projects are, rockets don't come cheap. And being a student-run nonprofit, we have to fund our projects entirely off of generous donations from sponsors and individual supporters each semester. 

If you would like to help us with our mission and journey to spaceflight, please consider supporting our team. Blue skies & bright stars!

Posted by Paul Shin