6th International Symposium for Sustainable Development

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The International Symposium for the Sustainable Development Goals in Myanmar and Beyond

GEH LAB is hosting a virtual, international symposium in August 2021 to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and celebrate the International Day for Youth. Burmese students will be able to connect with local and international researchers who are a part of their respective disciplines and beyond. Participants will be  able to share their passion and exchange ,ideas, knowledge,  and skills to promote the SDGs with fellow global citizens.  

What is this Symposium?

As GEH LAB has done since 2016, “The International Symposium for the Sustainable Development Goals in Myanmar and Beyond” will incorporate both Burmese and foreign scholars, this time in a virtual format. Providing a platform for higher education, GEH LAB will showcase how passionate individuals, groups, and organizations at all levels can contribute to the SDGs through their work.

How is the symposium structured?

To  accommodate a larger number of presentations, we will host this  symposium virtually and require that all accepted abstracts record their  presentations in advance. 

There will be 3 sections: 

1) Live  presentations 

2) Library of recorded presentation 

3) Gallery of creative content (videos, photos, art, poems, etc.)

The  top abstract submissions will be invited to present live for both their fellow scholars and external audiences. Others may be invited for their  research to be uploaded to the Symposium’s website.

How can I get involved?

Submit an abstract about your SDG-related research or actions – Anyone from anywhere (beyond Myanmar) can submit an abstract for consideration.

Submit creative content – Anyone from anywhere can submit creative content regarding SDGs.  

You can submit content here: 

Register as an attendee
– You don’t have anything to present yet? Don’t worry and you can join in the symposium as an attendee to meet and learn from the keynote speaker, presentations, and exciting SDG creative content. 

Click the "Register" button to register

When is the Symposium?

Day 1: Live Presentations

August 6th: Friday night in North America

August 7th: Saturday morning in Asia

Day 2: Live Presentations
August 8th: Sunday morning in North America

August 8th: Sunday evening in Asia

Be sure to save the date, and we hope to see you there! Recorded presentations and creative contents will be available for view until August 12 (Thu), International Youth Day. Outstanding youth and young professionals will be featured on the website.

Registration fees (USD):
General Registration: $30    Students: $20
Participants in Myanmar: $0

We will subsidize the registration fees for Burmese scholars in Myanmar through the generous donations and registration fees provided by the international community. 

Can I donate?

Yes, donations of any size are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible since GEH LAB is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Please click the "donate" button or add a donation to your registration

Corporate, groups, or large donors can have their logo or name presented on the conference website, and be offered a short video allotment in the “creative content” section of the Symposium. Logo size and video length will be determined by donation category:

Bronze - $200+

Silver - $500+

Gold - $1,000+

If you submit a donation prior to registering, you can provide us with email confirmation of your donation as payment. Your generous donation will be used to support quality of education and further promote the SDGs in Myanmar and beyond


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Friday August 6th


 Children and youth are our future.  Education is a key not only for individual success but also for sustainable development. Myanmar’s education system has been tested by the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as serious domestic challenges. We at GEH LAB, wish to continue to support collaboration, while also aiding students, teachers, and scholars in education and research in these difficult times.    

This symposium was collabortively designed with our colleagues in Myanmar to help address some of the challenges they faced over the last year.  

Below is a collection of  Voices from Myanmar

I haven’t taught a class since March 23, 2020 because my university has closed to prevent the spread of COVID 19.  I miss teaching my students.”

“We tried to offer students hybrid courses, but it has been unsuccessful so far”.

“I  want to encourage my students and colleagues not to give up on their  learning and research even though we are facing such a difficult  situation.”

“I want to go back to a school, but I don’t know when or if I can”

“I cannot afford to study online because a laptop computer or tablet is very expensive.”

“It’s hard to study online because I am using my limited phone data to access the internet.”

“I am afraid that we are no longer able to collaborate with international scholars”

Your registration fees and donations will help support participation from Myanmar. A portion of each registration fee goes to providing data for internet access to a student or teacher in Myanmar.  

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