Scouting for Food 2019


  Apr 01 2019

Since 1910, the ideals of Scouting have guided young men to perform "service to others and to the community." Responding to the plight of America's poor and hungry is a traditional Scouting "good turn." During World War I, Boy Scouts planted vegetable gardens to provide food for the hungry. President Roosevelt called on Scouts to collect food for the needy during the Great Depression. Planting Victory Gardens were the Scouting "good turns" organized during World War II. 

Today, Boy Scouts continue their Good Turn efforts by helping the hungry in Southwestern Pennsylvania through Scouting for Food. The national initiative “Good Turn for America” encourages companies, community organizations and Scouts to be involved in local community-service initiatives that fight hunger through their participation in the Boy Scouts of America, Laurel Highlands Council’s Annual Scouting for Food drive. 

Scouting for Food serves food banks, local pantries, churches and other community organizations throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and part of West Virginia, which helps roughly 150,000 people. The purpose of the drive is to collect non-perishable food and household items, or monetary contributions to help feed the hungry in the Boy Scouts of America, Laurel Highlands Council area. 

Since 1987, over 150 million units of food have been collected and distributed to the surrounding food banks. However, the need to help the hungry continues to grow. We encourage our neighbors to become involved by contributing non-perishable food and household items to local Scout units, companies or organizations participating at the corporate level, or at collections sites at participating Giant Eagle markets. 

Posted by Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank