SCCR Capital Campaign

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

This is how we do it:
A Guide on How to Help Save all the Dogs
  Jun 15 2020 . 570 N Smith St, Palatine, IL 60067, USA


In the year 2017 BC (before COVID-19), Second City Canine Rescue began the search for a place to call home. Three years later, and only 10 days before Illinois' lockdown orders were issued, we signed the contract and picked up our keys. We had found a new home – an abandoned former restaurant that desperately needed an overhaul – for our endless journey in saving the pups, and had grand plans to immediately launch a Capital Campaign.

Of course, the universe had other things in store that no one could anticipate.

So, here we are four months later, when fundraising has never been more of a challenge, and when dogs continue to need our help just as much.

But we’re not ones to back down from a fight. Our scrappy SCCR crew sprang into action out of our dedication to bettering the lives of our furry friends, saving money by doing demo ourselves while increasing our adoptions and lifesaving efforts by 75 percent.

However, we cannot meet our goal without your help, and here’s a simple way to make an impact:

Create a personal fundraiser for SCCR! Set a goal to sponsor a space, item, or room in our new building! Don't want your name on anything, or maybe you just want to fundraise to fundraise? Have at it!

Step one: Create an account and either create a new team, as Team Captain, or join an existing team! Are you looking to fundraise with a specific goal or sponsorship/dedication in mind? Click here to start a new team!** Creating a new team allows you to fundraise individually, or invite your friends to join and fundraise as a group towards a goal you set. Pro tip: If you’re starting a new team, get creative with your team name, have some fun! Maybe you've done enough self-work to know that you're more of a follower than a leader? Join up with an existing team instead! Joining an existing team allows you to create a fundraising page that you can personalize, share, and help raise funds toward an already established group goal.

Step two: Set a goal! If you created a new team and want to set a specific fundraising goal for sponsorship or dedication rights, discover all the available opportunities on our website at  Once your team reaches that goal, let us know ASAP so we can reserve the sponsorship or dedication for you!***

Want your name on a kennel forever and ever? Set a goal of $2500!

Care to sponsor our Grooming Space? Set a goal of $2000!

Don’t care about sponsorship or dedications and want to raise a gob of money for an unspecified dog-saving use at our Adoption Center? Be our guest! The options are endless.

Step three: Start spreading the word, building the hype, recruit a few team members, and start raising some cash!

We love when our supporters find creative ways to support our mission and help us achieve our goals by fundraising! Pro tip: Email and personal asks are generally the most effective, and DON'T FORGET TO THANK YOUR DONORS!

Let's save some dogs!

**Team Captains are responsible for communicating fundraising goals to their teams as well as finalizing plaque dedications/sponsorships with their team members.

***Please understand that sponsorships are first come first served. We cannot reserve sponsorship naming rights until full donations have been submitted. There is a possibility that while fundraising toward a certain goal another donor might claim the sponsorship. You will be able to choose another sponsorship opportunity, or give the funds as a general donation to the Capital Campaign.

****If you do not meet your fundraising goal for a sponsorship funds will be added as a general donation to the Capital Campaign.