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  Jul 23 2020

Over the past five months, the COVID-19 pandemic has ripped through many industries, but few were as hard hit as the creative economy. Its effects were abrupt and devastating, particularly for the film industry. Sets were shut down, studio lights turned off, and hundreds of highly skilled Philadelphians were put out of work.

Greater Philadelphia Film Office has always had one goal in mind - to maintain a bustling industry landscape for film, television, and media production for the benefit of professionals, students, and the multitude of local businesses that serve our industry. On average, GPFO serves over 400 productions each year, ranging from student projects to big budget feature films and TV series. Our services ensure that every project can receive the guidance they need to make their creative vision a reality, which is why we enjoy repeat business.

Through this work, GPFO annually creates over 1,500 family-sustaining jobs, not to mention the many thousands of jobs for local actors, and provides educational opportunities for filmmakers from all walks of life. In the past, our free production services were were made possible by presenting monthly programs supported by grants and low cost attendee participation, and periodic fundraising events like the annual GPFO Production Party. However, in the interest of public health, all of our planned events were cancelled since March 2020.

The future is still uncertain.

It is clear that public events will not be a part of the organization's immediate future. In addition, GPFO has lost significant local and state funding anticipated for this coming year. Therefore, with full transparency, we are requesting donations to sustain the life of our organization as we maneuver this new climate.

GPFO has already taken steps in cutting our costs. As of July 1st, all six of our staff members have had their salaries and hours cut in half. However, this has not deterred our commitment to serving the Philadelphia film industry. 

Production is coming back! 

While we are actively coordinating with productions and their return to the city, we are here to serve you for as long as we are able.

In the continuation of our #SavePhillyFilm campaign, we are asking for your support. GPFO is the key to attracting major productions to the area and supports all local and visiting productions. We need your help to preserve Philadelphia’s film industry.

Imagine a Philadelphia without film productions. We wouldn't have identified with the underdog in Rocky; the "twist"-ed mind of M. Night Shyamalan or the power of a Denzel Washington monologue. Film has become an integral part of our City's pride - defining our image, our culture and our coveted place as a tourism destination on the world map.

Thank you for helping us meet our $200,000 fundraising goal. With your support, we can #SavePhillyFilm and continue to make Philadelphia one of the best places to film with the country's most talented filmmakers.

Posted by Greater Philadelphia Film Office