During A Pandemic, Black and Brown Girls Still Need Resources So We're Calling on YOU to Help!

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Let's work together to help girls get the resources they need!
  Nov 17 2020

1. You might be wondering who we are? 

The Dinner Table Doc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates safe spaces for black and brown girls ages 10-18. 

2. OK, so what's wrong?

In the past six years, we've helped over 500 girls in NYC receive self-esteem building workshops and access college and career readiness opportunities. 

When we pivoted our programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our reach expanded but our funds could only service 33% of our combined digital and local audience. Leaving 66% of our audience of Black and Brown girls underserved.

3. And that's not all!

If we're being honest, in our six years of existence, we haven't received a grant or acquired a large donation to provide all materials and resources needed to help our growing audience succeed at their fullest potential.

For the 2020 school year, we raised 25% of the capital needed to facilitate workshops and programs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our reach expanded to 442 girls digitally, in addition to the 150 girls we serve in New York City.

4. And together, with you:

If we raise $20,000 by December 17th, we can ensure that every young woman and girl in our network has the resources needed to succeed in 2021.

We believe, with the absence of implicit racial bias and equitable access to resources and opportunities, Black and Brown girls can achieve their college and career dreams.

5. Here's How You Can Help:

By donating (starting at any amount), your support will help us provide young women and girls with: 

1) Books and workshop materials

2) Academic scholarships 

3) Opportunities to participate in expanded programming and double the amount of Black and Brown girls receiving resources needed to succeed.

Posted by Brooklyn (The Dinner Table Doc)

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