Save a Little Heart


Support our mission to perform 250+ free open heart surgeries per year.

We are inviting you today to support our work and save little hearts in Africa by making a donation. Why you may ask, we are Hospitals for Humanity a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in the State of Georgia, through our team of medical professionals, we are working to improve the quality of lives of children who are born with heart defects in African countries with limited resources.

By donating you will be giving children in our waiting list the opportunity to be children again. Not only does our work save lives, but it helps children play, run, ride their bikes and fulfil their ambitions, where once they may have struggled for breath, doing even the most basic of tasks.


Every year an estimated 85,000 children are born with a congenital heart defect in Nigeria. A high proportion of children with surgically amenable congenital heart disease will require life-saving, invasive, intervention to help improve their quality of life. The sad reality is that their parents are unable to afford this procedure due to its huge cost implication. Even when they can, the expertise to perform this type of surgery is scarce in Nigeria.

What we have done so far.

Since 2014, With the support of donors like you, HfH worked with a mix of international medical staff from the US, UK and other countries to address this issue. To date we have:

Screened and diagnosed over 1500 children.

· Carried out 9 PCTSI interventions in Nigeria.

· Performed Pediatric Cardiothoracic (open heart) surgeries and Cardiac Catheterizations in Nigeria on seventy (70) patients with a 96% success rate at care & management rate comparable to any first-class institution in the world.

· We are building the capacity of local Nigerian hospitals in the process, one surgical procedure at a time.

We achieved this using a mixed of salaried and volunteer medical professionals.

Click here to see some of our success stories.

THE URGENCY - 1000+ Children in our waiting list need you.

Help us save more lives, currently, we have a revolving list of over 1000 children in our database who are CHD positive and need open-heart surgery immediately. It is revolving because at least 1 child on our list will die per week.

We believe, that 'No child should pay for Open Heart Surgery'.  

Support our mission to provide 250 free Open heart Surgeries per year in the next 5 years.


The cost of surgery per child is $5,500, whether you are able to donate the full $5000 or you can only contribute towards some of it, we are truly grateful for all the support we get.

Cost covers the following per child:

• Free Congenital heart surgery

• Surgical consumables and supplies.

• Labs (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op).

• X-rays (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op).

• Echo-cardiograms (ECHOs) (Pre, Peri, and Post-Op).

• Cardiac catheterization.

• 10 Days of hospitalization in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and step down.


Please help us to improve the lives of these children, allowing them to enjoy their childhood and look to the future, just as any child should have the right to do. 

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