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       So Big Co-Op preschool has been in operation at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds for more than fifty years. Can you help us secure another fifty?  Our preschool is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has been owned and operated by parents since 1955. So Big Co-op Preschool continues to be committed to providing a positive and encouraging environment for young children to develop educational, intellectual, and social skills.  

      Co-Op preschools, such as ours, are unique because it takes parents to execute the planning and day to day operations that allow our school to stay open. Thus, were able keep our tuition rates much lower than other preschools in our area. This level of commitment from parents not only allows families to be very involved in their child’s education, but it also allows families to gain a strong sense of community. 

   Unfortunately, our school has not yet reached maximum capacity for enrollment this year leaving us very little funds for operating costs. Currently, we are surviving primarily with income from tuition and our expenses are much higher than the tuition that we receive leaving us with a $2000-dollar deficit each month. 

      So big has helped so many children reach their educational milestones and blossom into exceptional individuals over the years. We need your help for this to continue. Your donation would help keep our doors open so that many more preschoolers and their families can participate in the early educational experience and closely connected community that is unique to So Big preschool. A donation of any amount would make a difference and would mean so much to us.  

Posted by Jameelah Smith