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  Apr 18 2020 . San Francisco, CA, USA

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us incredibly hard. We need to permanently close Envelop SLC, our immersive audio venue in Salt Lake City, and now Envelop SF in San Francisco is in great danger.  

Your donation goes directly to paying our staff, rent, and bills, so that we have an opportunity to reopen safely and continue serving our mission in-person.

We need the power of music and listening more than ever. Envelop calms us, and unites us, creating group empathy and joy. We are devoted to continuing listening together online, when we need it most, but we need your help to get through this. Anything you are able to give helps the nonprofit and our staff survive.

Make a donation of $90 or more and you will automatically become an Envelop Member and receive free online Envelop Stream events. Donors of over $90 will receive a membership email following your donation.

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