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  Sep 01 2018

We need Sane Energy! 

Global warming represents an existential threat to sustaining life on Earth. Left unchecked, climate change will lead to a planet that is unfit for organized civilization. 

The hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, the wildfires that continue to scorch California, and Hurricane Sandy that wreaked havoc in New York City are just three examples of global warming’s dire effects. 

In addition, the development of fossil fuel infrastructure poisons our air, soil, and water and the humans who depend on all three for their health. With the federal government currently controlled by elected officials beholden to the fossil fuel industry, action at the state level represents a critical way to stop the development of fossil fuel infrastructure and to move rapidly towards 100% renewable energy. 

New York State’s current political landscape has proven that it is moveable with enough grassroots political pressure, like we saw with the nation’s first state to ban fracking, and an administrative goal to lead on climate. Yet, with the continued expansion of fracking infrastructure, and stall on community-owned renewable energy, our organizing work continues. 

Sane Energy Project laser focuses on New York State to build the political power we need to set an example for the nation to build a regenerative economy. We know we are within reach of achieving our goals to a 100% renewable and equitable state, and also caring for our neighboring states by blocking cooperation with the fossil fuel industry. 

We have a clear distinction from other organizations because we build deep relationships with communities across the state to connect our stories and build our collective power.

Posted by Kim Fraczek