Salesforce Ohana CONQUER CANCER 2019 Sonoma County Backroad Challenge

  May 18 2019 . Sonoma County, CA, USA

Salesforce Ohana is riding and raising funds to support cancer researchers worldwide who are working to find breakthrough solutions for ALL types of cancer.  

CONQUER CANCER has been at this for over 20 years, supporting researchers in more than 60 countries.  Today, millions of patients, caregivers and doctors depend on this research and other vital resources provided by ASCO. 

When we support CONQUER CANCER, we fuel the most brilliant minds in research and make a cancer diagnosis less scary for every patient.  

Here's how you can help:


* Join one of our teams or create a new one for a cancer fighter close to you. 

* Ask your company to get involved and provide matching donations.

* Spread the word about this important cause and your effort.

Thanks for your support! 


Mark Crafts
Cancer Conqueror | Team Crafty Captain | Salesforce Ohana Member 

For details about our riding event on SATURDAY MAY 18, 2019 in Northern California -- please visit the Sonoma County Backroad Challenge web site.  

*Year 1 - 2018 Funds Raised = $19,189

*Year 2 - 2019 Goal = $50,000  

Posted by Mark Crafts