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We Are Our Sisters' Keeper
We Are Our Sisters' Keeper
  Sep 17 2020 . Texas, USA

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Saffron Trust empowers and supports women of color financially, academically, emotionally, and mentally.

Saffron Trust Women is a non-profit geared towards empowering and supporting women of color to promote better lifestyles and health outcomes. We start this through our flagship program "Trendsetting the Table" and become a one-stop-shop for our family’s needs. Our experience counselors provide resources and work with families throughout our program cycle.

Saffron Trust Women's Foundation understands the trying time we are facing in our Country. There is no denying that great effort is needed – between civil society, philanthropy infrastructure organizations, and others for nonprofits to achieve the kind of transformative change that we seek to help those in need.

These past couple of months have left our communities heartbroken. No one can deny that the tragic death of George Floyd and racial injustice has impacted the mental health of Black communities. The coronavirus pandemic, the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, has taken a toll. According to Dr. Ray Hammond, "what is happening in our communities is what is called the  trifecta of trauma, or the health, wealth and stealth crisis,"

Saffron Trust Women's Foundation (STWF) works to provide solution-driven actionable items that help remove barriers and provide better life outcomes for women. We focus on ways to help combat illnesses that have saturated the culture in Austin that, for some reason, many folks seemed to consider it as the new norm. STWF key concentration is community awareness of systematic and social constraints, helping to eliminate disparities by using evidence-based strategies and practices that support the need for several programs to educate women.

STWF looks to provide a connection space by collaborating with community residents and leaders discovering real needs for practical solutions. Our flagship programs are Trendsetting the Table, a program where we collaborate with local award-winning Austin restaurants that introduce mothers and mothers-to-be to healthy eating choices, meal planning, resources, etc. etc.

Since COVID and SD, restaurants can  no longer accommodate their commitment to host dinners. However, we still have to get food to families that are struggling. During this trying time, we have increased our support to meet our community's families' needs. We need your help. We can't do it alone, please look through all the work we do.   We hope your  heart will be compelledd to give !

{Unfortunately, we're facing increased food costs that are beyond our budget. Fresh vegetables are more expensive then they've ever been; your gift will help families you care about so much by helping meet the increased expenses}

STWF focuses on ways to become partners with public and private institutions together, targeting needed services to create action plans that directly address the communities' identified needs. STWF is focused on becoming the access road to take to get services that are needed.

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