Ryan's Hockey Fun Day

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Ryan's Hockey Fun Day


What You'll Be Doing: Having an aweseome time playing hockey while learning about ways to prevent bullying

Who: Kids ages 8-14 years

Date: March 21, 2020

Time: 2PM to 4PM

Location: Campion Rink

Cost: $25

Other Details: Please arrive at 2PM to check in, check out our raffle items and buy raffle tickets, and get ready to head out onto the ice. We will have 90 minutes of on ice fun and the event will end at 4PM. Hockey gear required

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Saturday March 21st
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Campion Ice Skating Rink, North Main Street, West Lebanon, NH, USA
394 N Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784, USA


For my bar mitzvah project, I have taken on a Positive Tracks challenge for TIGER (Theater Integrating Guidance, Education, and Responsibility) and will be organizing and participating in a hockey skills session at Campion Rink on March 21, 2020. All of the funds and awareness I raise will allow TIGER to bring their program to additional middle schools in the state of NH. As part of my efforts, I have arranged for TIGER to perform their new show “BYSTANDER: A Portrait of Apathy” at my school (Richmond Middle School in Hanover) the day before my event, and this will be their first ever performance at Richmond Middle School.

I am passionate about helping TIGER because their mission is to use theater to transform feelings, thoughts, and behavior to help middle school students in NH envision and understand their own power in resolving issues related to bullying that they may face every day. TIGER’s newest show “BYSTANDER: A portrait of Apathy” can help middle school students understand the options they have in situations when they see behavior they know is not right. If more people feel empowered to step up and say something when they see someone being treated badly, bullies will have less power to keep treating people that way.

I hope to raise $2500 and advocate for the mission of TIGER to bring their shows to more schools in NH each year. I am ramping up my efforts by partnering with Positive Tracks, an organization that teaches young people how to sweat for good. In addition to providing hands-on guidance and helping me organize, they’re doubling dollars to support TIGER, up to $300. It feels awesome to be making a difference with my own sweat and I hope you will consider supporting me!

Posted by Ali Ashare