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  Feb 20 2021

Thank you so much to all who participated, shared and donated!! Our virtual Run for Pangolins event was a fantastic success thanks to this amazing community.

We will be accepting donations on this page through Saturday, February 27th and then if you’d like to continue to support our work, please visit

On World Pangolin Day, February 20, 2021, Save Pangolins hosted a virtual charity run  in support of our conservation programs.  All eight species of pangolins are threatened with extinction, and for World Pangolin Day our friend and pangolin conservationist Charles RAN in a pangolin suit for eight hours straight, one hour for each species.  Will Highfield ran in tandem with Charles - in a gorilla suit. Pangolins and gorillas share the same habitats in many pangolin ranges, and given they face similar threats, they have decided to partner on a #pangorilla run.

Thank you again to all who supported our fundraiser.  People all over the world participated in our run and helped us spread awareness for pangolins. 




Photo: © Sarita Jnawali

Posted by Carly Thompson