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Our Boys Are On The Front Lines, We’ve Got Their Backs!
Jerusalem, Israel

“Lev LaChayal’s training program helped me go from thinking I would not get through Basic Training to thinking I could do anything.” Lone soldier serving in the Air Force. 

That’s Lev LaChayal!

 A group of lone soldier roommates arrived home just hours before Yom Kippur was to begin. Rather than having to rush to the market, they found pre and post-Break Fast “feasts” (their words) already prepared and waiting for them in their apartment. 

That’s Lev LaChayal!

“Lev LaChayal has made my son’s experience while not on base problem-free. He has a beautiful apartment with a washer, dryer and stocked fridge. Most importantly, he’s living in a yeshiva environment with other religious lone soldiers.” Mother of a lone soldier serving in the Paratroopers. 

That’s Lev LaChayal!

Run for our soldiers and let them know that Am Yisrael stands behind them.

Preparing religious lone soldiers to serve in the IDF and providing a warm and nurturing home for them throughout their service.

Our Need

What is a Lone Soldier? A chayal whose parents live overseas, and, as such, cannot provide a home base for their child or help maintain and strengthen his morale throughout his service. There are currently over 7000 lone soldiers.

Lev LaChayal, the only Yeshiva based Lone Soldier Center, trains and cares for 35 - 40 active soldiers annually. We bring home to them with furnished, cleaned, and maintained homes that are always stocked with food. Caring mentors and Rabbanim run weekly Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, visit their bases, and run programs for the soldiers when they are off base. Our community members are also quite active in the program, bringing the chayalim extra food and providing rides to the train, all to bring home the message that Am Yisrael stands behind them.

With dreams of replicating our model and taking care of hundreds of chayalim annually with this model, Lev LaChayal has now set out to purchase homes for the soldiers. By owning a few soldier homes, the significant costs involved in running this program will be sustainable, and from there we’ll be able to soar. We are $250,000 away from owning our first home. Let’s buy our first chayal home together, running and sponsoring our soldiers.

For any questions or interest please contact: Rabbi Benjy Kwalwasser:

Posted by American Friends of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah