RUNX1 Research Program's X-OUT Cancer Challenge Campaign

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  Feb 01 2021

This February, 2021, marks the first annual RUNX1 Research Program's X-Out Cancer Challenge Campaign to help you meet your health goals and to help us fund programs and research towards finding a cure for RUNX1 Familial Platelet Disorder.

At the RUNX1 Research Program, our main goal is cancer prevention. Individuals with germline RUNX1 mutations are 30x more likely to develop blood cancer than the general population. We invest in trying to understand why some patients never get sick while others do. 

Nearly all cancers have an environmental component, so the potential for prevention exists. It is well-established that moving more, eating healthier foods and living lower-stress lives contributes to better health outcomes. Positive habits of body and mind are tangible ways to improve your health and stave off cancer. But it isn’t enough to say you’ll try to exercise more, or that you’ll pass on that daily dessert or soda. Setting concrete goals and being accountable for them can turn those goals into long-term habits.  

That's where the X-Out Cancer Challenge comes in. You don’t need to be a triathlete or a marathon runner to take part and succeed, and it’s pandemic-proof! Make a difference for RUNX1-FPD patients by X’ing-Out a bad habit for the month of February. 

1. Simply "join" the Challenge.

2. Choose what you're going to X-Out. Examples are:  giving up tobacco, sugary drinks, packaged foods, social media, excessive alcohol, vaping, inactivity - you name it. You can also choose to X-Out something unhealthy (stress) by adding a new, daily "good" habit.

3. Create your personal Challenge Page.

4. Share with friends and family and encourage them to donate. You can also personally re-allocate the money you would've spent on the lattes and sodas you'll be giving up.

5. Stick to it and see through your goal for the entire month of February.

Not only will your efforts make a big impact for us, but you could lose weight, feel better and know you’re doing something beneficial for yourself, too.

Anyone can participate. The highest-raising fundraiser will be awarded the "X-Out Prize" at next year's Conference and be acknowledged on our website, newsletter and social media! Please join us in our goal to raise $20,000.

Posted by Monica Babich