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ROW!4EveryLastChild - January 1-31, 2020

A Virtual Indoor Rowing Challenge fundraiser for Save the Children. Our goal  is  to  raise  funds  to  help  jumpstart Save The Children's 101st year helping the  world's  most  vulnerable  children.    DONATIONS  ACCEPTED  UNTIL  February  28,  2020!

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ROW!4EveryLastChild is a Virtual Indoor Rowing Challenge fundraiser for Save the Children. Our goal is to collectivelyrow (or ride an indoor bike) 101,000 km and raise $101,000 to jumpstart Save The Children's 101st year helping the world's most vulnerable children survive and thrive.

There are more than 1.2 billion (1 in 5) children worldwide living in conflict/crisis zones at risk for an early end to their childhood.  Save the Children, an international humanitarian organization working in the U.S. and 120 countries around the world, has a bold ambition to ensure all children survive, learn and are protected.  Take a look at this video:

The Boston Leadership Council for Save the Children invites you to create or join a team, participate as an individual, sign up sponsors or donors, or contribute with a donation--and help us reach our goal!

Here's how to participate:

- Create an account on GoFundMe

-Click the JOIN button on this campaign site to register and start a team/join a team or sign yourself up.  A team can be comprised of anyone you want--friends, relatives, colleagues--and they can be ANYWHERE.  You'll get a team page to customize and individual team members can customize their own pages as part of the team.

- Set your goal for how many meters you'll row or ride (NOTE: 1 rowed meter = 2 on a bike) and a fund-raising goal.  You can add up individual team goals or set one for the team.

- Send out your link to your page to potential sponsors and donors so they can see what you are doing and invite them to support you.

And starting January 1 - get going!

Check out the links below to learn more about Save the Children and the Boston Leadership Council.

All contributions (other than the fees for the GoFundMe site) are tax deductible and all funds raised go directly to Save the Children. Alternatively, to incur no fees, a check can be sent directly to Save the Children with a Mail-in Fundraising Form which request via email at Save the Children will send receipts for all contributions over $20.00.

Here are some helpful GoFundMe documents for starting or joining a team:

 Additional reference documents can be found in the following Dropbox site:

Team Leader Talking Points

Row!4EveryLastChild FAQ's

Fundraising Tips

Mail-in Donation Form

Indoor Rowing information

You don't have access to an indoor rowing machine?  Check this out:


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