Sep 24 2019 . United States

Someone dear to you has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. You now have a very special way to honor and support that individual. You can bring awareness of the importance of early detection. You can promote physical activity like rowing and paddling as an accelerator in recovery. You can actually help find cures.

Your donation makes it possible for Row for the Cure® to help establish new events which benefit local affiliates of Susan G. Komen® to support local education, free screenings, follow-up treatments and many kinds of family support as well as direct funding for cutting edge research for cures.

Row House is dedicated to bettering the lives for individuals with breast cancer.  Join us as we raise money and Row for the Cure®, for rowers and friends contributing to the search for breast cancer cures during the month of October. Every donation can make a difference. 

Let's Pull Together by helping others.  To Learn More, Visit

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