Support for RounGe NYC - Help Keep Our Salon Alive!

At RounGe, We Value Our Time with Our Clients

We are starting this fundraiser to ensure the future of RounGe New York, so the salon can stay alive!

Currently due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, nail salons like us and others in the spa and beauty industry, and other service industries throughout New York State have been forced to shut our doors.

With our clients' understanding and gracious cooperation, we decided to close indefinitely. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, since its impossible to know when we will be able to open again, RounGe New Yorks very existence is in danger.

7 years ago, 1 Japanese staff member founded RounGe New York by herself, and built it up from scratch. Since then, RounGe New York has blossomed into a salon that now comprises of 6 nail artists and 3 receptionists.

This too, is thanks to all of our clients whose love and support has kept us going and growing this far. With our deepest gratitude for that, we always strive to treasure not just the nails but also the time we spend with our clients. During this unprecedented time, though, we are in increasing danger of having that precious time taken away from us.

While we are closed and faced with the harsh situation of zero revenue, we are struggling to keep up with the store rent, employee cost of living; each day were researching to find out every possible thing we can do to survive this crisis.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want nothing more than to get back to spending time with our clients again! If you have the means to donate, please help us out so we can get through this togetherevery little bit helps!

With all our love and thanks,

RounGe New York


〜RounGe はお客様との時間を大切にしたいと思います。〜

これはRounGe New Yorkを存続させるためのファウンドです。


RounGe New Yorkも沢山のお客様のご理解とご協力のもと3/22から一時的にお店を閉めさせて頂きました。ご迷惑をお掛けし誠に申し訳ございませんでした。


7年前に1人の日本人スタッフだけで立ち上げたRounGe New York。

今では6名のスタッフ、そして3名のレセプションが在籍するまで成長を成し遂げてきたRounGe New York。

それも、全てはRounGe New Yorkを愛してくださる全てのお客様のおかげです。




私達RounGe New Yorkスタッフ一同は、お客様との大切な時間をまた取り戻したいと心から願っています。


RounGe  ディレクター 本間碧(Midori Homma)

Posted by Midori Homma