Move for Malawi 2020

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Let's Get Ready to Move for Malawi! Join us today to support girls education.

How does moving for AGE Africa help support girls' education?

AGE Africa's scholarships assist girls with paying school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and toiletries. Our scholarships aim to ensure that the most vulnerable girls stay in school and succeed.

Did you know that less than 6% of girls in Malawi finish secondary school, and only 1% hold higher education degrees?

AGE Africa's goal is to raise the number of girls with secondary school degrees. Over 90% of AGE Africa scholarship recipients complete secondary school, and more than 50% transition into higher learning institutions.

When you support AGE Africa, you transform the life of a girl, her family, and her community. Learn more about our work at!

So, Let's Move for Malawi!

Here are the details:

1) Pick your Move:  Do you want to bike, walk, run, hike, or something else? Pick your move and get your gear ready. And of course, if you want to move with friends, ask them to join you. (Socially distanced, of course).

2) Set your Goal:  Girls in Malawi walk an average of 10K a day to attend school. Their journey is often dangerous as they are susceptible to harassment and violence. We encourage you to pick a goal that is challenging for you - is it 5 miles, 15 miles, or 35 miles? Set your personal challenging goal to complete when we Move for Malawi on October 24, 2020. But don't make it too difficult - pick something you can handle and make it fun.

3) Get the Word Out:  Every Mover is committed to helping raise awareness and raise funds to support scholarships, life skills-building programs, and COVID-19 prevention supplies for the girls in Malawi.

4) Contact Us To Set Up Your Page or Set Up Your Page:  On Go Fund Me Charity, you can set up your fundraising page linked to AGE Africa's page here, complete with photos of you, your story, and you can share why you chose to Move for Malawi.

5) Get Moving:  Get out there on October 24th and hit your goals! Tag us in your photos @ageafrica or #moveformalawi2020

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Saturday October 24th
8:30 AM


Fifteen years ago, an article changed the lives of six young ladies in a remote region of Malawi. The article took a life of its own and grew into what we know today as Advancing Girls' Education in Africa. Join us in celebrating an incredible milestone by supporting our Move for Malawi campaign and providing girls in Malawi with an education. Little by little, we will change a nation.

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