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Ride NJ Virtual Challenge
Change a Child's Story

The Need for Support

Our work has taken on even greater meaning during this pandemic, as the crisis is disproportionately affecting abused and neglected children.

Experts in the field are sounding the alarm about the expected rise in child abuse, child sex trafficking, and domestic violence during this time in our history, especially with the economic stressors being put on families. While the need is increasing, our State funding is in jeopardy due to the increased need for State resources in response to this emergency.

Our tri-county area is home to approximately 300 children that find themselves removed from their biological homes and separated from their parents and usually siblings.  These children’s lives are further disrupted as they enter into the Court and Child Welfare Systems which are simply too over-burdened and under-resourced to adequately address their needs.  One of the grave concerns that we have with the pandemic is the inability of anyone - CASA volunteers, child protection workers, or other stakeholders - to physically see the children.


In addition to creating your fundraising page, you must register to ride at

The Rides

There are 5 rides to choose from. The 4 shorter distances represent various measurements of NJ. 

Ride the Width of NJ: 57 miles

Ride the Length of NJ: 212 miles

Ride the Perimeter of NJ: 480 miles

Combined Distance Challenge(first 3 rides): 749 miles

Founders Challenge: 1,787 miles

The longest ride, the Founders Challenge, is 1,787 miles and represents the year that NJ was founded. Your challenge is to complete your chosen distance between 6/15/2020 and 8/15/2020. You can ride indoors, outdoors, online, offline, etc. Just ride!

To learn more go to

The Rules

You don't have to be in NJ to complete the challenge. All riders are welcome!

The rules are pretty simple. Complete your ride sometime between 6/15/20-8/15/20 and receive your medal or medals. That's right, if you sign up for a longer challenge you will also receive the medal for any of the shorter distances. For example, complete the perimeter ride and you will receive the width and length medals. Complete the Founders Challenge and receive all 5 medals!

If you choose the family challenge you can have up to 2 adults and 3 kids(must be under 16) registered. Everyone that participates in the challenge in the family will receive a custom medal or medals. Family mileage is cumulative.  If a family of 4 rides 1 mile that counts for 4 miles.

You must be registered at to be awarded medals.

Posted by Court Appointed Special Advocates of New Jersey, Inc.

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