Rexburg Parks Centennial Celebration

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  Aug 01 2019 . Rexburg, ID, USA

In 2029 it will be 100 years since Porter Park, Rexburg’s first municipal park, was established. In the years since Rexburg has added 8 additional parks and over 86 acres of parkland. In 2018 the City and community came together to create the Rexburg Parks and Trails Plans. These plans built on the foundation of Envision Madison and reflect the public’s input and desire to preserve and enhance recreational opportunities in the community. In the 2018 Parks Plan the community expressed their strong support for parks and recreational opportunities and provided suggestions and input on how to make our parks better. In addition, the Parks Plan outlines standards for parks and calls for the addition of two new community parks by 2029. Using the community input and the Parks Plan’s standards, the City of Rexburg’s Parks Advisory Board is working on a 10-year plan which will outline and direct the development of these two new parks and direct the addition of park amenities in our existing parks. This 10-year plan will rely heavily on community input and support. 

2020 Parks Projects

The first set of parks projects begins in 2020. The City will be removing the Cut Leaf Weeping Birch’s on the east side of Porter Park and replacing them with some new Cut Leaf Weeping Birch’s and additional tree species. Also in 2020, many Rexburg Parks will have their drinking fountains replaced, and new drinking fountains installed.

Posted by Daniel Torres