Rescue Ride 2021

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Help support The Rescue Ride to end homelessness!

On May 31, 2021, Brandan Thomas, Director of the Winchester Rescue Mission, along with fellow Mission supporters and motorcyclist, will embark Rescue Ride 2021 to bring awareness to homeless crisis in America.  In addition to learning from the missions visited, the trip provides the opportunity to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic directly impacted the lives of the individuals experiencing homeless and poverty they serve. 

The Rescue Ride will depart from the Winchester Rescue Mission and travel to 10 mission across North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. The group will visit Missions talking with individuals experiencing homelessness, staff and volunteers working to address the crisis and community leaders. The Rescue Ride will provide a voice to the individuals who are homeless, gather knowledge from fellow missions, understand challenges faced and provide a platform to create real change.

To see clips for Rescue Ride 2019, check out the Rescue Riders facebook page ( @rescueriderswinc) or go to

Each  participant in the ride is passionate about ending homelessness and needs your help to make their fundraising goal. All money raised by the participants will be paid directly to the Winchester Rescue Mission and support not only their ride cost but also the goal of support efforts to end homelessness. 

There are various sponsorship levels available and every donation will create an impact.  

Please follow us at and our Rescue Riders Facebook page (@Rescueriderswinc) to stay up to date on the Rescue Ride.  Thank you for investing in the Winchester Rescue Mission and creating change for our community.