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#COVID-19 Campaign
Help Africa Development Promise Provide Relief for Women Farmers
  Apr 28 2020

The Coronavirus shutdown is wreaking havoc on the economy worldwide. In developing countries like Rwanda and Uganda, where Africa Development Promise works to empower rural women farmers, the virus is just one of the many urgent issues that people face. Floods, droughts, and most recently swarms of locusts have also been a threat to post-harvest loss as well. With little or, no social safety nets to help them out the travel ban and stay in place policies are hitting the rural poor the hardest.

The agricultural cooperatives that ADP supports, mainly grow horticultural crops which have a short shelf-life. Until now they have managed this potential risk with contracts with restaurants, hotels, and other markets.  However, contracts with restaurants and hotels are on pause and with the travel ban, they are slow to get their products to markets leading to significant post-harvest losses. With the lack of resources being offered during this time for women in agriculture, ADP needs your help to bridge the gap and with the recovery once the economy re-opens.

In the past ADP has been able to support unexpected expenses with unrestricted funds, however, this spring we have had to cancel two major fundraising events and are appealing for your support through crowdfunding.  It is easy to feel helpless when there is no clear solution to a problem of this size...but any donation big or small can make the difference.  For example:

·      $10 – buys a hygiene promotion kit

·      $25 – provides an average family with emergency food relief for a week

·      $100 – buys seed and fertilizer for the next growing season

·      $250 – provides a stimulus grant to jump-start a cooperative business

·      $500 – helps ADP pay for an in-country staff’s salary for a month

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ADP Relief for Rural Women Farmers