Lamp, Lifeboat, Ladder Project to Accompany Survivors of Torture to Canada

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Rumi
  Jan 01 2020

Torture is a war crime. Many torture victims die during  torture. Those who survive are shattered, terrified and often suicidal. Spouses and children are secondary victims. This project is about healing torture victims and their families and helping them  rebuild their lives. Canada has agreed to take 90 torture cases from Greece and Jordan (roughly 500 refugees). We must raise the funds to pay for resettlement and rehabilitation for each family. This public-private partnership to protect refugee torture survivors is the first of its kind. The project provides a blueprint for private humanitarian action against war, torture and forced displacement. It recognizes the limitations of the UN and allows all of us to have a role in healing suffering in the world. 

Posted by Patricia Fleming Foundation