ReCover Nepal - Building Homes In Nuwakot

$6,200 of $20,000 goal
31% Complete

  Jul 09 2019

We completed our mission to rebuild homes for 300 people in Dhamku post-earthquake! And now it’s our mission to help those left behind in other regions: single mothers, disabled women, and their children. Today we launch the Nuwakot version of ReCover Nepal. We need your help to build up these families who have been living without homes for over 4 years. Our new program includes not only training and home construction, but services holistically aimed at developing the capacity and skillset of the homeowner to thrive going forward. These women and kids have suffered greatly in the face of adversity and need training and advocacy on their behalf to get a leg up. Please join us in helping them gain a new lease on life! Your generosity will go far in this impoverished region.

$30 Nails & Screws

$75 6MM Steel Rebar

$150 Childcare during training & construction

$162 Solar Power & Lighting

$200 Training Enrollment Fees

$270 Doors & Windows

$292 Concrete

$360 Bathroom (including plumbing, walls, roof)

$428 Plaster Work & Paint

$434 Corrugated Steel Roofing

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