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Relentless Endeavor ministers to those ages 18-35, Millennials and Gen Z. Many churches do not yet have staff or programming for Millennials, so we work to partner with local churches so that those young adults who want to continue to stay in their home church can do so. RE then provides Bible studies, worship nights, leadership training, community events, service opportunities, and times for fun with peers.

Technology is a big part of reaching the next generation. It is also a must during Covid-19. For us to continue to be effective, we need audio/visual equipment and newer computers. Donations to this GoFundMe will allow for us to purchase this very needed equipment. We also want to be able to reach out to young adults who are not in the KC area. Technology will enable us to provide video bible studies, leadership equipping, mentorship, online events, and even help with virtual fundraisers in the future.

Life has changed for all of us. 

Relentless Endeavor needs to be able to meet that change so we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. Eight million is too many to lose!

We hope you will join our Relentless Endeavor!

Posted by Jessica Thompson

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