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Summer 2020 Emergency Response

We are facing unprecedented challenges including the global health pandemic and protests about systemic racism. As a result, many social, economic, and health impacts have been exacerbated, disproportionately hurting low-income communities.

In response, RETI Center is increasing our support of marginalized and under-resourced communities of color we partner with. We ask that you stand with us in this critical time of need.

We are immediately broadening our Rapid Resilience program into a multi-pronged campaign to support our communities in need. We are asking for material donations, volunteer efforts, and financial support toward these efforts to provide:

⇛  Mask Force, Last Mile, and other existing campaigns  

Our Medical PPE campaign is building upon our network of campaigns that support healthcare professionals, wherever COVID-19 has become unmanageable. Together with our network of campaigns, we're bringing essential supplies and protective equipment to healthcare workers at hard-hit healthcare facilities across North America.

⇛  PPE to the People  

We work together with our campaigns to rapidly source and deliver high-quality reusable masks distributed to essential frontline workers, residents of vulnerable communities such as prisons and nursing homes, people without masks on the streets and at public gatherings, including protests. 

⇛  Cool Streets 

We work with Community-Based Organizations to provide youth employment targeting heat mitigation while teaching safe physical distancing and workforce skills essential to the new green economy.  Cool Streets is also providing emergency response in the face of extreme heat that is facing New York City neighborhoods. 

To reach and impact as many lives as possible, we are working with our network of partners - trusted organizations and individuals with the specialized experience to maximize the shared outcome. Together, we are supporting our partner communities to survive this crisis, and thrive in a shared future.

Learn more about each of our programs below and how they cumulatively and quickly change the fate of the most vulnerable community members, today.


Rapid Resilience is an initiative of NYC-based Resilience, Education, Training and Innovation (RETI) Center — a 501(c)3 nonprofit born out of Superstorm Sandy with a mission to build resilient communities. 

The effort began when we launched a campaign to help healthcare workers, called Mask Force. The team quickly realized the exponential benefits of joining with other independent grassroots campaigns, and so Rapid Resilience was created. Rapid Resilience is a network of volunteer grassroots initiatives across the country that have mobilized to address the critical need for supplies for essential workers and hard-hit communities. 

Our core team includes entrepreneurs, designers, activists, and supply-chain specialists, and our campaigns are run by a diverse collective of impact-driven volunteers. We come together to ask for your support in this effort. 

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