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How To Get Subscribers On YouTube (12 Easy Hacks)

Last Updated on May 1, 2020 by Stacey CorrinDo you want to learn how to get more subscribers on YouTube? Any channel owner reading this is probably screaming “Yes!”.
Let’s face it, the amount of subscribers you have isn’t just a way to show how popular you are. Getting more subscribers is the best way to increase your organic reach on YouTube making it even easier for people to find your videos and help you reap the rewards in ad revenue.
But it’s not as easy as people make it out to be. So, we’ve come up with some easy hacks to get you more YouTube subscribers fast.
Here’s a quick look at the hacks we have in store for you:
Run a giveawayBrand your channelCreate a channel trailerMake video thumbnailsOptimize video descriptionsUse branding watermarksPublish longer videosEnd with a call to actionUpload frequentlyWork with othersRepurpose contentRespond to commentsBut first, there’s a great big elephant in the room we need to address.
Can You Buy YouTube Subscribers?A popular way to get more people on your follower list is to buy YouTube subscribers. You might think this is the best hack to reach that all-important 1,000 subscriber goal so you can get paid. But the truth is, it can do a lot more harm in the long-term.
We strongly suggest you DO NOT buy YouTube subscribers for the following reasons:
Paid for subscribers are often just bots.Bot subscribers don’t engage with your videos.You risk alienating your true audience who likely value authenticity and transparency.YouTube could ban you for going against their Fake Engagement Policy.Brands are looking for true engagement and will avoid you like the plague.More importantly, it’s just not worth the time, effort, and potential fallout to go down that route. Instead, build a free and authentic YouTube following with these genuine hacks.
1. Run a YouTube GiveawayRunning a giveaway on YouTube is a fantastic way to promote your YouTube channel for free as well as help you to get more subscribers.
People love giveaways because not only do they get the chance to win a great prize they get to engage with channel owners too. Giveaways are also an awesome way to celebrate milestones on your channel like reaching your first 1,000 subs.
View your giveaway contest live!You can easily run a giveaway on YouTube using RafflePress the best WordPress giveaway, and contest plugin while cross-promoting the giveaway on your blog too. Let’s take a look at how to get one up and running.
First, grab yourself a copy of RafflePress here. Then download and install the plugin on your WordPress website. If you need help check out this guide for installing WordPress plugins here.
With RafflePress installed hover over the RafflePress icon and click Add New to bring up the pre-built giveaway templates.
Now give your contest a name. To set it up, you’ll want to select the Grow Your YouTube Channel template then click Use This Template.
Use the grow your YouTube Channel TemplateThe next screen you’ll see will look similar to the one below.
YouTube giveaway template in RafflePressFor the pre-built YouTube template, RafflePress automatically adds actions users can take to enter your giveaway on YouTube. By default the 2 actions are:
Watch a VideoVisit a YouTube ChannelYou can make either of these actions mandatory by toggling the Make Mandatory option as well as allow people to enter daily.
Make watching a video mandatoryBut these are just the default actions for this particular giveaway template. RafflePress has many other ways you can let people enter your giveaway. Further actions include:
Following or visiting other social profiles.Joining an email newsletter.Automatically entering.Visiting a URL.Referring a friend.Completing a survey or poll.Answering a question.Submitting an Image.Posting a Tweet.Watching videos on Facebook or Instagram.You can even invent an entry action of your own if you’re feeling creative. 

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