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  Jan 03 2019
The Alan T Brown Foundation was established in 1988 when Alan T. Brown, the Foundation’s namesake, was injured in a water accident while vacationing in Martinique. ATBF has and will continue to help paralyzed individuals and their families realize that there can be a better quality of life after paralysis. Daniel and Steven, Alan’s brothers, were both on the Ramaz hockey team. Steven was the Coach of the Ramaz Rams during their Championship season. ATBF is a strong force in the paralysis community and serves as a main support system for people with paralysis and their loved ones and assists individuals in achieving goals they never thought possible. Through personal contact we provide information, resource referrals and peer support to the paralyzed individual and their family. We strive to assist individuals in achieving the highest personal level of independence, sustaining a healthy lifestyle, managing daily and chronic health issues, and adjusting to their new life after paralysis.