Quinn and Sarah's Wedding



We're getting married and would like to give back to nonprofits that we support in five areas: Atlanta Homeless LGBT Youth Support, Bloomington Afterschool Programs, Environmental Protection, Reproductive Health, and Vaccines and Health Equity. See below for a more detailed description of each nonprofit and give to the one that you're passionate about too!

Atlanta Homeless LGBT Youth Support: 

We're supporting Lost N Found Youth, a local organization which supports homeless and at-risk LGBT and sexual minority youth in the Metro Atlanta Area. A majority of donations go directly to transportation and housing costs to ensure LGBT+ youth retain a roof over their head regardless of cold, heat or other condition. Every person should feel welcome in their home, and this organization does everything they can to contribute to this ideal.  

Bloomington Afterschool Programs:  

The Bloomington Boys and Girls Club is an organization dedicated to the education of children in Southern Indiana.  Quinn has personal experience working with their organzation and can attest to the dedication of their staff and volunteers.  Positive role models and a safe learning environment have played a critical role in all our lives, we ask that you help to continue the Boys and Girls Club's dedication to continuining this tradition. 

Environmental Protection: 

Preserving the environment is an imparitive, so we had narrowed our environmental charity to a decision between the National Resources Defense Fund (NRDC) and the Audubon Society. The urgent need to protect the environment in a time of deregulation, plus their well chosen bear logo, won us over to the NRCD.  

Reproductive Health: 

Planned Parenthood provides vital, low cost reproductive health services to people nationwide and plays an important role as part of the health care safety net in the United States. We support their mission of providing reproductive health services and education to over 3.5 million people annually.  

Vaccines and Health Equity: 

We've chosen a nonprofit which improves health and economic outcomes for people globally through vaccine, drug, and diagnostics development. PATH focuses on innovations that accelerate health equity worldwide, strengthen health systems, and improve difficult last mile of eliminating diseases like polio. Chosen in memory of Sarah's grandfather, Donald Middleton. 

Posted by Sarah Sullivan