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Digging and drilling deep into many facets of the most heinous diseases that plague our society and our world, Dr. Robert L. Elliott, M.D., Ph.D., D.S. (h.c.), born in Greenville, Mississippi, deep in the Delta, has for more than 50 years dedicated his life and career to exemplary care of his patients, and research for effective therapies and eventually a cure. A cure for 'The Enemy' as he so aptly called breast cancer before it was commonplace to do so.

His medical practice has been dedicated to Mastology; his research, however, has expanded beyond breast cancer. He began with a Dream and continues to work for a Cure. As a dedicated and driven researcher, Dr. Elliott has followed promising leads as they have been discovered. Discoveries that continue to make a difference in the lives of many, such as:

A breast cancer vaccine

Dr. Elliott has a patented cancer vaccine that he has been using in practice since 1993.  The cancer vaccine is for people who have or have had epithelial cancers such as breast, prostate, colon, lung, stomach, ovarian, pancreas, melanoma, etc.  The vaccine boosts a person’s own immune system to fight off cancer.  The most common side effect is an allergic reaction at the site of the vaccine injection.

A prostate cancer vaccine which is offered through a vaccine program for men with prostate cancer and other solid tumors.

The Quest for Cures campaign is designed to pay tribute to the brilliant career of Dr. Robert L. Elliott, to pay tribute to the many whose lives were cut short by the Enemy, especially breast cancer, to honor those who are still here, and to seek out partners who will join the Quest for Cures as we seek to bring the resources required to continue the expedition.

The Sallie Astor Burdine Breast Foundation has been home to many tremendous medical discoveries and now has embarked upon a quest unlike any previously undertaken.

Traditional medicine has progressed over the past few years to include a larger number of biotherapies. Dr. Elliott and the team at The Sallie Astor Burdine Breast Foundation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are no stranger to this path of research. In fact, the team discovered some very promising insights while exploring neurodegeneration in their cancer research.

Dr. Elliott's research has taken many forms, and now the Quest for Cures needs an infusion to support equipment and additional staffing to move the Quest for Cures closer to a successful conclusion. One conclusion of many– there are many enemies that need to be conquered, and many miles yet to be traversed on this quest. Dr. Elliott is already on this quest and now offers an opportunity for anyone that wishes to join the Quest for Cures campaign.

The journey is long, and there is great need for partners to join in the quest. Every mile we travel, is a mile closer in this Quest for Cures. Every good Expedition needs pathfinders to help pave the way as the Quest moves forward and the Exploration continues!

We ask you to join us in this Quest for Cures campaign by using the registration process on this site to select your level of participation (contribution to the cause). All of us know what it’s like to lose someone to a terminal illness that slowly and painfully steals life. Rather than being a spectator, join us, be a part of the team working to lessen the grip of disease.

Whatever your reason, will you join the Quest for Cures?

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