Fun Run 2018

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  Sep 23 2018 . Gammans City Park, Portland, OR 97217, USA

The Village Fun Run is a community building, movement focused, family fun-time as well as a great way for families to raise much needed funds for our beloved Portland Village School! This event will be held at Gammans Park on Sunday, Sept 23rd from 12 pm until 4 pm. Like a jogathon, students and their families are encouraged to run laps around a track setup for the event. 

For a suggested donation of $5, each participant can get a commemorative 2018 PVS Fun Run t-shirt (all proceeds go to the school)! As a tool to help raise funds, we have set up this event page where family members and friends can support your family in the run. The simplest way for this support to come through is with a set donation for the event. All donations are tax-deductable. Families can also choose to be sponsored for a certain amount per lap that they run. 

How To Get Involved:
1. Organize a "team" - any individual, family, or group of friends can create a team.
2. Gather donations and pledges via your team's Crowdrise site and/or pledge forms.
3. Hop, skip, jump or run around the course on Sept 23 to raise money for your school!
If you can’t come the day of the event, you are still welcome and encouraged to sign up and fundraise for our school. 

Fun Run Crowdrise Instructions Click on "Join Campain" above. Click on "START YOUR OWN fundraiser". Enter your team name, your goal, and a bit about why your family or group is involved in this event. Personal stories about PVS are nice here. Click SUBMIT! Next add a photo, any photo! Share your event page's link via e-mail and social media. For those who want to collect Paper Pledges here is our pledge form.

 Why We Are Asking For Your Support: Portland Village School, a public Waldorf inspired charter school sponsored by the Portland Public School district, relies on the donations and the fundraising efforts of its community. As a charter school we receive 80% of the funds that other neighborhood schools receive. Our school is budgeted to raise $183,000 to help cover the cost of quality materials, student field trips, our teacher’s professional development, and to cover our rent increase. The fun run is a great way to kick-off the fundraising year and get connected to the PVS community! With your help we can hit our goal of $15,000 with this fun, family friendly, active event!  

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