Putnam Service Dogs 'Day in the Park'

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Putnam Service Dogs 'DAY IN THE PARK'

Get ready for a GREAT "Day in the Park" honoring the special DOGS in our lives.

Strut Your Pup or 5K run with us! Support Putnam Service Dogs at Green Chimneys on Saturday, September 22! Dogs Welcome or Come Solo!

Dog games! Aerialist! DJ! Food Trucks! Westy the Westerners Mascot! Vendor Booths and Food Trucks!! Giveaways! Raffles and more!

Join one of our puppy teams or CREATE your own named after your favorite pet.

There are two chances to create the teams, and we are excited to announce Putnam Service Dogs 5K run and the return of our 'Strut Your Pup' Parade at the beautiful Green Chimneys.

Don't want to run or strut your pup, this event is free!

CREATE TEAMS! Join our our Team!

Sign up your team and help us help those with physical disabilities other than blindness.

Lear more about us on our website:

5K Dog Rules: 

We strongly suggest that both the owner and dog train for the 5K event, if you don’t already run. Runners, start conditioning yourselves and your dog for at least a few weeks leading up to the race. You should inspect your dog’s pads for signs of injury (cuts and wear) and be careful in warmer weather (carry water, keep runs short, watch your dog for signs of stress). Talk to your veterinarian if you have any concerns. We recommend jogging on trails or other locations where people run with their dogs, to acclimate your dog to running in a pack with distractions.

Rules for doing the race with your dog: Limit one dog per person.

- Dogs must be at least 6 months old and up to date on vaccinations.

- Please only bring dogs that are well-behaved around other dogs and people. 

- Dogs should be kept on leashes throughout the event. 

- Leashes should be no longer than 6 feet

- Please keep it short at the start to avoid entanglement.

- No retractable leashes, which may be hazardous in a crowd.

- No dogs in heat.

- No choke, pinch, or spike collars. 

- Runners 16 years and under participate at the discretion of race officials. 

- Please clean up after your dog.

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Sponsors include:

Platinum Sponsors: Halston Media and Examiner News

Gold Sponsors: Hudson Valley Credit Union, Volz Auto Group, Key Bank, HamletHub

Silver Sponsor: The Putnam County Press/Times

Bronze Sponsors: Kohl's, M&T Bank

Route Sign Sponsors:

Guardian Veterinary Specialists

Carmel Winwater

Briante Realty

Nature's Select Premium Pet Food

Good Reasons Dog Treats

Local Social Media


Canine Kindergarten at the Park (Mount Kisco)

Stone Meadow Kennels (Mahopac)

Guardian Veterinary Specialists (Brewster)

Gift items for drawing:

Good Reasons Dog Treats

Nature's Select Premium Dry Dog Food bags

Barkbox gift boxes

Wandering Dave's (offering coffee/breakfast/American food)

Gyro Uno Food Truck - delicious gyros

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Saturday September 22nd
9am - 2pm
Green Chimneys, Doansburg Road, Brewster, NY, USA
400 Doansburg Rd, Brewster, NY 10509, USA


Why Putnam Service Dogs Matter

Ms. Teague, the CEO/Founder, was compelled to found Putnam Service Dogs because the waiting list for this type of service dog is over two years long. She saw, firsthand, during her three years on the NE Board of Canine Companions for Independence, the eagerness of people with physical disabilities for service dogs specifically trained to assist them. Ms. Teague saw their joy, and their families’ joy on graduation day, to have received such a treasured, special dog. She heard many touching stories of how receiving this type of service dog transformed the life of the recipient and the lives of their families.

One of the most touching stories Ms. Teague heard was that of a deaf woman who received a Hearing Alert Service Dog. She lived in an urban area, and packages couldn’t be left outside her door, but had to be received by her. Prior to receiving the dog, she was forced to sit on the floor, with her back against the front door of her apartment, waiting for the delivery. She couldn’t hear the knock of the delivery person on her door, and had to sit with her back against the door to feel the vibrations. If the delivery was delayed for some reason, she had to sit on the floor against the door again the next day, waiting for the vibrations of the knock. Once she had her Hearing Alert Service Dog, she could go about her activities when she was expecting a delivery, and her dog would alert her when the delivery person had knocked on her front door.

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