Lumberton PTA Pumpkin Painting & Carving Contest

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Lumberton PTA
  Oct 01 2020 . Lumberton, NJ, USA

Fall is here! Let's enjoy the season together by having a virtual  pumpkin painting & carving contest, while raising funds for our school at the same time! There is NO COST  to participate! Click "Register Pumpkin" at the top of the page, then select  "create your own team".  Follow the instructions. Be sure to upload a picture of your pumpkin to your page. Please provide your  name and what school your child is in. Then share with your family and friends and ask them to vote for your pumpkin by donating on your team's page. There will be one winner for Ashbrook school (recommended those little ones PAINT their own pumpkins), one winner for BRS (painting or carving with parental supervision), and one winner for LMS (carve away!). Register your pumpkin by Oct 31.  People "vote" by donating to the one they like best! Don't be afraid to persuade your grandparents etc to sway the vote your way- the more money we raise the more we all win! Winner for each school will be announced Nov 2. Spooky  prizes  have  been  donated  by  Sonic,  FunPlex,  PopShop,  Chick-fil-a,  Peachwave,  and  Anthony's  Coal  Fired  Pizza!!

Posted by PTA New Jersey Congress of Parents & Teachers (21020 Lumberton Township Pta)