Protect What You Love: Clean Water is worth fighting for!

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Do you care about Clean Water? Do you want to see Clean Water protected, now and for future generations to enjoy? For most people, clean water is not and has never been a partisan issue, no matter how hard big polluters and their allies in Congress and the White House may try to make it one. They're pushing their reckless Dirty Water agenda aimed at undermining fundamental protections for our water and our health. And we're fighting back with everything we've got.  

It’s simple. Protecting Clean Water is a matter of common sense: 

We protect what we love. 

We want clean water for our families and communities. 

We understand that clean water can’t be taken for granted.

Clean water is something worth fighting for! 

Are you with us? These are all the great reasons why our clean water movement grows stronger by the day. We have our shared love of water and commitment to protecting clean water, now and for the future. And we have you.  

Whether you’re a newcomer to our organization and winning grassroots strategy or a longtime supporter, now is the perfect time to strengthen your own commitment to Clean Water

Donate now. We all live downstream. We all have a stake in protecting clean water. Join us! We’re just getting started. 

Give confidently, knowing that Clean Water Fund has once again received the top 4-star rating from the independent Charity Navigator watchdog organization and will be an effective and efficient steward of the financial resources you provide.

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