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Support the Surge of Workers that the Health Care System Desperately Needs

The COVID-19 epidemic is pushing America’s healthcare system to the breaking point, leaving our frontline doctors and nurses overwhelmed and exhausted. Yet, there is hope.

Many basic caretaking tasks that people need right now can be performed by Community Health Workers. A surge of newly trained Community Health Workers would free up doctors and nurses to do the life-saving work that only they can do. But we need more of them — fast.

Your support will help willing and able people get the fast-track Community Health Worker training they need to play this vital role, and to do the work when and where it’s needed most: at hospitals, at clinics and in the homes of people who are sick. These workers will join the Resilience Force training and placement operation in cities being hit hard by the coronavirus.

Workers like Kaitlin, an 18 year-old student in New Orleans, who'd carried a full course load while working two jobs before the outbreak. While she is disappointed her senior year was cut short, Kaitlin cares deeply about her community. She's eager to lend a helping hand as she continues her education and start working towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

And others like Tyist, a food service worker in the local K-12 school district. She's felt the ripples of coronavirus in her community and at home — her husband and young adult sons have been laid off from their work due to the pandemic. With the support of the Resilience Force Coronavirus Worker Stipend Fund, Tyist will be trained to do the critical work of a Community Health Worker and also provide food for her family.

The Resilience Force is needed in cities across America, and they need your help to make their work possible. These workers are stepping up, and making big sacrifices. But they also need stipends to support themselves and their families who are living through this crisis just like the rest of us. They need our help so they can answer the call for a surge workforce of Community Health Workers.

The individuals who will participate in this program come from many different backgrounds: former retail workers, school food providers, community organizers, hotel workers, and more. Many have lost jobs themselves because of COVID-19 and are also in need of work to provide for their families.

Members of the Resilience Force are just one part of the overall Resilience Workforce in America—all the first responders, construction workers, farmers and food-deliverers, caregivers, counselors and others whose work, heart and passion make it possible for communities to effectively respond and recover in the face of disaster. They are answering the call for service, and they need your help to start doing the work.

Donate now to support stipends for Resilience Force members. Support these workers as they step up to fight COVID-19: meeting the demand for more Community Health Workers to help those who are sick and free up doctors and nurses to do the highly skilled work they do best.

All funds raised will go directly to Resilience Force members participating in the Community Health Worker training in cities with high need. They will be processed by Resilience Force, an initiative in partnership with NEO Philanthropy, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Resilience Force is partnering with Project VolunteerSurge to conduct Community Health Worker trainings developed by the Yale School of Public Health, and is working with local partners to rapidly place trainees wherever they are needed most. Resilience Force is a national initiative to transform America’s response to disasters by strengthening and securing America’s Resilience Workforce—the millions of people whose work, heart and expertise make sustainable recovery from disasters possible.

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