Pride is Rooted in Activism!

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The fight isn't over - we need your help

The work of MCCNY Charities is inspired by the life and advocacy of Sylvia Rivera, Stonewall Veteran and fierce defender of the rights of transgender and marginalized people. 

This Pride Month, we can not help but remember that Stonewall was a Riot and that Pride as we know it would not exist without the Stonewall Riots and work of individuals like Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and so many others.  

The fight is far from over. The Queer community must ally with the POC community, as they did with us from the very beginning. We must remember Tony McDade, and the countless Black Trans Lives taken by violence. And we must continue the fight to serve the marginalized communities that MCCNY Charities and Sylvia’s Place support.  

Sylvia’s Place has helped over 15,000 queer youth since it’s founding more than 15 years ago. The vast majority of those who have called Sylvia’s Place home over the years are people of color, and many are trans-identified.

It was Sylvia’s passion that made Pride month happen, that started Sylvia’s Place Homeless Youth Shelter, that inspired so many to turn MCCNY Charities into what it is today.  

We ask you to share Sylvia’s passion and join us in supporting Sylvia’s Place. 

Please consider making a gift today.  

We are hoping to raise $18,000 to represent the 18 years we have been providing to LGBTQIA+ youth! 

You can help us shape the future of our community. Through your kindness today you’ll enable us to continue our work dedicated to Homeless Queer Youth and to expand our drop-in services. We are currently developing new programming and groups for Trans POC - to further Supplement our GenderPeople and Bread of Life programming.  


Happy Pride and thank you for supporting MCCNY Charities and our community!

Posted by Mccny Charities Inc (Sylvia's Place)