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  Dec 01 2020 . Pomona, NY, USA

B"H with great siyata dishmaya, the Jewish community of Pomona has grown and matured. Yet a critical component of communal life is still conspicuously absent. The women of our community have had no walkable Shabbos Mikvah… until now.

In cooperation with the Mikvah of Rockland County, we have designed a Mikvah that fits our community's needs, both spiritual and fiscal.

The plans feature a Friday Night & Yom Tov Mikvah for Women.  We will be utilizing every inch of space to its maximum potential.

The Mikvah is designed to be for everyone in the community. We will be digging deeper to accommodate Chabad minhagim (bor al gabei bor). 

It will truly be a community project and communal asset.

In order to be successful, this project requires the participation of every family in the area, as it affects and benefits us all. It is not limited in any way to a particular Shul or population; it is a community-wide resource.

Our Mikvah will be under the auspices of the Mikvah Of Rockland and under the Hashgacha of its Rabbonim:

Rav Yehoshua Leifer שליט״א

Rav Chaim Flohr שליט״א

Rav Shlomo Zalman Kaufman שליט״א

In addition, we have the support from the Rabbonim of every Shul in our area:

Rav Etan Moshe Berman שליט״א

Rav Emanuel Fishman שליט״א

Rav Yossi Ives שליט״א

Rav Boruch Dov Lesches שליט״א

Rav Ari Levitan שליט״א

Rav Yechiel C. Richard שליט״א

Rav Dudi Weber שליט״א

Rav Mendy Zaks שליט״א

The Women's Mikvah Committee can answer any additional questions.  Feel free to reach out to any of the following:

Zelda Advocat

Reb. Yoni Berman

Riki Greenberg

Shira Gross

Rena Nussbaum

Julie Pachtinger

Miriam Raskin

Ora Schreiber

Civia Schwartz

Every contribution is meaningful as your investment guarantees a zechus l’netzach netazchim - an eternal merit that directly impacts future generations. Thank you for your help and Tizku LeMitzvos.

All donations are 100% Tax-deductible through our IRS 501(c) 3 status.story here

Posted by Ronnie Schwartz