Political Healers: 100 Days of Healing

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A Platform to Repair & Restore
  Nov 11 2020

Political Healers use ritual to bring cultural trauma into public memory: we take social and political processes like elections and use them to place our stories, the traumas and joys we've experienced, and the hopes and fears we have for the future at the center of the conversation about how we should live and govern together.  Healing our politics means bringing of repair and restoration to the way we make collective decisions about our society. We ground our vision for political healing in the experience, knowledge, and leadership of women, femmes, queer, trans, gender-noncomforming, and poor people of color - because we are most often on the front lines of the battle to defend our communities and build a better future, while facing persistent exclusion, marginalization, and exploitation.

100 Days of Healing

"The First 100 Days" is a common framing for how advocates respond to a new executive administration, focusing on what we want to get a president or governor to do at the start of their term. But that's part of the problem: as with our elections, this framework makes the elected official the center of the conversation. We believe that our desire, aspirations, and needs should be the foundation for this work - and the starting point is healing from the trauma and damage done by policies and elections that have ignored and denigrated our humanity and our right to participate in our own governance.

100 Days of Healing puts us back at the center of the conversation about how we will engage with our political leaders in 2021. Our work will focus on:

* Community gathering and relationship-building

* Healing justice and trauma-informed practice

* Training and political education

* Leadership development and basebuilding

* Community protection and mutual aid

* Storytelling and shifting the narrative

Your investment helps us to organize events for our network of Political Healers across the country; support local grassroots organizers who are putting political healing into practice; and train and support movement leaders who are reshaping policy and governance. Will you join us in this work by making a one-time or recurring donation?

Donations are tax-deductible and will be received by One Square World, Inc., the fiscal sponsor for Political Healers. All contributions to this fundraiser go to support Political Healers work.


Who Are Political Healers?

Political Healers use ritual to change the conversation and reach people in a new way — beyond politics and tactics. We are deeply grounded in the experience and leadership of womxn of color. We can be spotted by our characteristic purple stoles. 

We assert that a person doesn’t become a political healer; a person uncovers the political healer within themselves. They do this by acknowledging and valuing the emotional labor they invest in their work as a valid and necessary leadership style within our movement.

The Political Healers project is centered on womxn of color, but a political healer is NOT only a womxn of color. “Political Healer” is a role that any person could play. However, because this is a role that womxn, womxn of color, queer and trans womxn, gender non-conforming and non-binary people have historically played in the movement and have done so often with the consequence of being mis-labeled, silenced, ostracized, and even pushed out of the movement entirely, womxn, womxn of color, queer and trans womxn, gender non-conforming and non-binary people are uniquely positioned to more fully manifest the practice of using ritual to bring forth cultural trauma into public memory.

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Posted by Brandy Brooks