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  Oct 04 2019

When it comes to medical emergencies, time and distance matter. For remote communities in Madagascar, these are major obstacles to accessing health care.

In rural Madagascar, nearly half of the population live more than 6 miles from the nearest health center. The route to get there is often over rugged, unpaved roads or narrow paths accessible only on foot or motorbike.

Imagine the challenge of going this distance while pregnant, sick, or injured!

In 2014, PIVOT established Madagascar’s first 24/7 district-wide ambulance referral network. But geographic barriers make ambulance access difficult and still too many in Ifanadiana District face an impossible set of options: travel on foot, while in need of care, to get to the nearest health facility, or remain at home with no treatment.

Our emergency referral team is committed to finding ways to overcome these obstacles.

In our first 5 years, PIVOT has referred 9,396 patients to higher levels of care with support from the Emergency Referral Team.

In the last year, 40% of our patients referred to higher levels of care were taken by ambulance. Many of these patients are women seeking OB/GYN care and individuals requiring surgical care, or treatment for neurological, respiratory or internal medicine problems.

How do we make this access to care possible?

Village Phones - connect health centers to the district hospital for coordination of ambulance transfer between drivable and non-drivable routes. 

Rolling Stretchers - provide safe and efficient transport of sick loved ones, who are otherwise carried to care in makeshift slings over rough terrain. 

All-terrain Fleet - including 3 Land Cruiser ambulances, 4 standard stretchers, 2 rolling stretchers and 10 motorbikes that help deliver medicines and supplies. 

Highly-Skilled Personnel - trained in primary trauma care and first aid delivery, with expert driving skills, and extensive knowledge of the lay of the land. 

Here are examples of how your gift can support patients in need of urgent care and the Emergency Referral Team who come to their aid:

$12 - Provides a paramedic with one safety uniform

$25 - Equips an ambulance with three oxygen bottles 

$38 - Provides training materials for 25 staff in Basic Life Support 

$75 - Covers 2 weeks of travel expenses for drivers during long trips 

$90 - Equips a vehicle with one emergency trauma kit 

$100 - Supplies 26 gallons of fuel - enough for one trip from the district hospital to a specialized, advanced care center in the capital city 

$303 - Covers the cost of one standard stretcher 

$550 - Covers the cost of 2 ambulance replacement tires 

$606 - Covers the cost of one rolling stretcher 

$1,000 - Provides 6 months' worth of medical supplies for ambulances

No matter the size of your gift, your support will enable PIVOT to reach patients in far corners of the district and help rural communities access life-saving care!

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