Pedaling for Preemies: Ride for Noah and the Brigham Year 3

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About Noah & Fundraising
Noah's Story

Noah Shay Magnus was born on August 9th at 4:17pm, weighing just shy of 1.5 pounds. Jana was 26 weeks pregnant when Noah was born and he spent 120 days in the NICU.  In the NICU, Noah was cared for by an amazing team of neonatologists, nurses, respiratory therapists as well as a team of feeding, physical, and occupational therapists. Keith and Jana were educated in techniques on how to care for Noah in the NICU and when bringing him home and we were encouraged to touch, hold, feed, and care for him.

As we celebrate Noah turning 3, we have been amazed at all of the things he has accomplished in this last year:

*Surviving COVID 19 with mom, dad and Nana - symptom free! 

*Learning the alphabet - his favorite letter is O 

*Counting to 20 - his favorite number 19 

*Learning to write his name 

*Reading his favorite books (and reciting lines from them), which include: A is for Awesome: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World, ABC's of Black History, ABC's of Equality, What We'll Build, My Friends, Jambery and Goodnight Moon 

*Checking out all of the playgrounds in MetroWest

How You Can Help:

1) Ride with us!  Fundraise and ride with us! There will 50 mile bike ride starting from our house in Framingham. To join the team you must fundraise - there is no minium required but we want all of our riders to raise money through their networks. Please reach out Jana or Keith for details.

2) Donate!  Riding not your thing? Make a donation instead (and get your company to match)! A gift of any size helps the BWH NICU, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where funds raised will also help make sure the NICU staff have the appropriate PPE to keep themselves and all of the babies safe and healthy.

Here are a few examples of how your gifts can help:

$5 – A book for the NICU book cart (Reading at the bedside allows parents the opportunity to bond with their baby. Newborns can recognize and are comforted by the sound of their parents' voices and new research suggests this might enhance brain development.)

$10 – A meal for a parent at Au Bon Pain (Many parents spend all day/night with their babies and do not have time and/or resources to make a meal at home. Providing a gift card to ABP allows them to stay nourished.)

$10 - A cooler bag for mothers to transport their pumped breastmilk while separated from their baby.

$20 - a pair of charm necklaces made of the baby’s newborn footprints

$25 - A gas gift card to provide transportation to parents traveling back and forth from the NICU (We drove 40 miles a day every day to be with Noah. Some parents drive in from another state. Gas cards help!)

$25 - Cafeteria Vouchers (Vouchers for parents to purchase meals at the hospital cafeteria.)$40 – Footprint necklace supplies (Babies first set of footprints are made into a necklace for parents to wear close to their hearts)

$50 – Two sleep sacks for the babies in the NICU (Once babies are in the GDU, they are able to come out of their swaddle blankets and into a cozy sleep sack. Noah loved (and still does) his HALO sacks)

$100 – A car bed to allow for safe travel/transport home (Many babies leave the NICU too small for a traditional car seat so they need a car bed for transport. They do not rent these out - they must be purchased.)

$189 – Car seat (4lb) and stroller (Many families are in situations where they are unable to provide a car seat or stroller for their baby so the NICU helps provide if needed.)

$300 – Parent Date Night Dinner (The NICU hosts a date night for parents in their family lounge. Many parents are visiting their babies all day or night and don't have time to make a meal for themselves. This "night out" allows the parents to spend time with other parents going through a similar situation.)

About BWH NICU: BWH has a state-of-the-art Level III NICU, the largest in Massachusetts, and provides expert newborn care for nearly 3,000 premature and seriously ill babies and their families each year. On staff are internationally-recognized neonatologists, expert nursing staff and other NICU health professionals who are dedicated to providing the very best and most advanced care possible to newborns with critical and unique health challenges. (Shout out to all of the nurses, dr's, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants, feeding and nutrition specialists, social workers and research assistants!)

The BWH NICU teams practice family-centered care and strongly encourage parents to participate in the care of their infant. During his 4 month stay, Noah was cared for by an amazing team of nurses, including his 4 primary nurses (Marianne, Julie, Chris and Patty), who showed us how to care for Noah from Day 1 to Day 120. We learned how to take his temperature, change his diaper, swaddle, bathe, kangaroo care, feed, and so much more. They made sure we were involved from the very beginning of our NICU journey and now we want to give back.

Posted by Jana Magnus

Event Details
Pedaling for Preemies: Ride for Noah and the Brigham Year 3

Event Details:
We are excited to celebrate Noah turning 3 years old on August 9th and what better way to celebrate is to give back to the place that saved his life - Brigham And Women's Hospital (BWH) Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

To celebrate Noah’s 3rd birthday, we are organizing the 3rd Annual Pedaling for Preemies – Ride for Noah and the Brigham where we have set an ambitious goal of $15,000. All funds raised will support the NICU Building Fund.

Saturday, August 7, 2021
50 mile ride, starting from Keith & Jana's (address will be shared with riders)

To register for the ride, click the "Ride with us!" button.  Then add the number of riders and click "Continue." Fill in your personal information. 

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Saturday August 7th
8:00 AM
Framingham, MA, USA
Framingham, MA, USA