PAYING IT SIDEWAYS: Emergency $ to Fellow New Yorkers

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From Melanie

In NYC's performing arts community — primarily freelancers or employers of freelancers— we're anxious as hell about the gaping, unknown future of our work and paying the bills and, and ...  And it's been beautiful to see all the ways we're stepping up to support one another, and to find FB posts springing up with news of emergency funds for artists and theatres from foundations and generous patrons. It's mad heartening to find folks looking out for us right now. Sadly such funding sources don't spring up for our fellow freelance NYorkers who are undocumented. In the best of times, it's up to grassroots organizations to look out for them. And I'm mad inspired by NYSYLC, the first undocumented youth-led organization in NYC, who do so brilliantly. And now it's an Emergency and these young folks are raising emergency funds and getting it into the hands of people who need it NOW.

Let's rally 1,000 members of our performing arts community -- artists, audiences, supporters -- to donate $15/month for the next 6 months to NYSYLC's Emergency fund. Let's all -- as it were -- pay it sideways to fellow freelance New Yorkers who really need some dough right now. Let's call it a $15 mocktail toast — to looking out for each other.


The NYSYLC is the first undocumented, youth-led organization in New York. We are working to raise funds to support undocumented youth and their families in New York City during the time of COVID-19. We have received over 1,500 requests for funds.... Please help spread the word. Our goal is to raise funds to provide emergency and preventative resources to those at financial risk.

We seek to provide support specifically for undocumented folks whose livelihoods are being affected by COVID-19. Whether it’s from a decline in business for street vendors or being laid-off in domestic and restaurant jobs.

Undocumented folks do not have the same safety nets provided to other members of our community. Many undocumented people work in jobs that are most vulnerable to exposure to the virus and the shutdown. There is already limited access to healthcare, so undocumented people should have the resources to be able to take care of themselves.

*For logistics and transparency: Money raised will go directly to the New York State Youth Leadership Council and will then be distributed to directly impacted individuals and families on an as-needed basis, until the funds raised are completely distributed.


Posted by Melanie Joseph