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Paws for the Holidays and GIVE Thanks. One person can make a difference to a rescue animal. Be their hero.

ArkanPaws' Story:

Our founding volunteers started as a few friends rescuing homeless dogs together in 2011. ArkanPaws was born in 2012, and received our  501(c)(3) non-profit status in December 2013. Our passion and commitment to Arkansas animals and this cause has resulted in our finding homes for more than 3,500 dogs and cats to date. 

What does it look like to be a volunteer in rescue? It's long hours. It's often thankless. But once you get involved, it's hard to walk away. We can't save them all, but we strive to always go to bed at night knowing we've done everything we possibly can as a collective.
Animal rescue is really about only one thing: Saving animals and finding the perfect home for that ONE pet, one at a time.

Although rescued animals may not always have had the best start in life, our adopters make sure that the rest of the chapters in their story are filled with happiness, and that they finally get an opportunity to know what it's like to be truly loved. 

We make a difference by doing. YOU make a difference by donating. 

To be a hero, not everyone has to foster, adopt, volunteer, or get their hands "dirty". Donations are the lifeblood of this organization, and our donors are every bit as important to this cause as those of us in the rescue "trenches," so to speak.

When you donate, please tag us with these hashtags so we can see who you are. #iLoveGivingArkanPaws 

Every dollar counts.

Fundraising Goal:
$2,000 for Spay & Neuter Financial Assistance Program

1) ArkanPaws is now offering a Spay & Neuter Financial Assistance Program, along with a Rabies Shot for dog/cat owners in need of financial assistance for dogs and cats they already own. We use spay/neuter vouchers available to us for $25-50 OFF, supplement $20 toward the surgery, and ask the owners to pay the remaining estimated $30 (which includes rabies vaccination). We pick up and transport the animals to our surgery vet where they stay the night after surgery, and we drop them off at their homes the next day. 2) OUR 2020 GOAL is to get 100 dogs and 50 cats sterilized who would have not been spayed or neutered without our help. Getting that many intact animals sterilized is a huge step toward addressing the problem of dog and cat overpopulation in Arkansas. 

$3,000 toward our ever-increasing vet bill.
The most important thing you can do to ensure these animals in need receive their happily-ever-after is to assist with paying for the vetting necessary to get them and keep them healthy. So many of them come to us broken, not only in spirit, but physically. Heartworms, mange, broken bones, embedded collars, gunshot wounds, neglected infections - just to name a few. We cannot adopt these cats and dogs to new homes without them being healthy enough to thrive, and that means often astronomical vet bills. Even with donations and adoptions, our monthly bill has been more than $8,000 for a good portion of this year. This weighs heavily on a rescue. We DESPERATELY need your help with this in order for us to continue to save lives.

We generally have 40-60 dogs and puppies in our program while we are busy getting them vetted and healthy in preparation for their "fur-ever" homes. There are always unexpected expenses in animal rescue -- whether it's treating heartworms in a new dog, getting shot after being dumped, repairing a broken leg after being hit by a car, treating mange or parvo, or any number of emergencies that come up. All donations and adoption fees go directly toward caring for our foster dogs. ArkanPaws is staffed only by volunteers. 

You Can Help Us Help them!
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About Us
ArkanPaws Animal Rescue is a comprised of a group of volunteers who are passionate about helping homeless pets through rescuing, fostering, vetting, rehabilitating, and finding them loving homes. ArkanPaws strives to educate the community about pet overpopulation in Arkansas and reinforce the importance of spaying and neutering pets. We are based in Conway, Arkansas, but network all over the country. Like us on Facebook, and join our 13,000 + followers. 

ArkanPaws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as of 2013. All donations to ArkanPaws are tax deductible, and go directly towards caring for our rescued foster dogs. #iLoveGivingArkanPaws 

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