Host a Party

Are you ready to party to end Parkinson's? 

Events are a great way to get together family and friends, spread awareness, and raise some money! Hosting an event allows you to decide where and when while your campaign page can keep donations all in one place for RSVPS and thank you notes. 

Here are a few easy steps to get your event planning started (and check out our fundraising guide for event inspiration):

What type of event?

Do you want to host a bake sale? A fashion show or piano recital? A dinner party or wine night? A dog show or cupcake competition?

Decide what type of event is right for you and your fundraiser. Think about things you like to do in your community - is there an exercise class you attend? Or a nail salon you frequent? Maybe a church group? Choose something that's right for you and turn it into a fundraiser.

Where to host the event?

Find a venue for your event that is convenient, has plenty of parking (if you need it!), and hopefully free! Remember, you're fundraising for charity, so don't be afraid to ask businesses to donate their space!


If you're hosting a dinner party consider a 2 hour window, a dance-a-thon might be 5 hours, a bake sale that lasts just through lunch. Decide what makes sense for your event and pick a date!

What next?

Click Host an Event and get your party started!   Want to send you donations via mail? Print this form to Mail in a Donation. 

We're here to help every step of the way at or (646) 388-7635.

Posted by Parkinson's Foundation INC