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You can help eliminate water poverty in rural India - Permanently

During the past three years, OVBI has been working to alleviate this national crisis and bring sustainable and permanent water solutions to villages throughout rural India. From 2017 to 2019, OVBI partnered closely with local communities, government, scientists and NGOs, to complete water projects in 500 drought-stricken villages across the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The interventions included the construction of micro recharge structures, de-silting of waterways, and building check dams to allow water to percolate and refresh underground aquifers.

“We started with just one village in 2017 and a significant initial investment of $70k. Since then, our ability to engage with partners has enabled us to significantly increase our operational efficiency and have an outsized impact. We’ve learned to scale at a much lower coast and have had a positive impact on many villages, with an average investment of about $1,500 per village of 2,000 residents,” says Mohan Trikha, Chairman of OVBI. The water infrastructure projects in 2019 have created 1.6 billion gallons of additional water capacity and positively impacted over 160 thousand rural villagers.

Building on this strong foundation, OVBI is on an urgent race to Eliminate Water Poverty in 500 villages in 2020, and 5,000 villages by 2023, with the overarching vision of Water Plenty throughout India by 2030.

“Our vision is to completely transform India from a state of Water Poverty to Water Plenty by 2030. You can eliminate water poverty in a village with a gift of $1,500. We encourage civic-minded citizens to adopt one or more villages, so we can reverse this vicious cycle,” says BV Jagadeesh, Co-Chairman, OVBI.

Your contribution will go a long way to support water projects and eliminate water poverty throughout India. 

You can sponsor a village of 2,000 residents for $1,500 or join a team and together support multiple villages!

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