Outrun Trafficking Cowtown Marathon Team 2019

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  Feb 24 2019 . Fort Worth, TX, USA

Ready to run? To end modern day slavery? Yes – human trafficking— in our country and around the world affects millions of lives. Our fundraising team for the 2019 Cowtown Marathon is designed to raise awareness of present day slavery for children and adults of all ages--yes--in the Fort Worth community, DFW area, and globally. Join us to be a team member for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon race. Why not challenge yourself physically by training for a race to help not only your own health, but those who have no voice? Running not your sport? Walk the 5k or commit to raising funds for organizations dedicated to ending modern-day sex trafficking and forced labor. In the grand scheme of things, training for a run or reaching into your pocketbook to help the estimated over 40 million enslaved men, women and children entails relatively little in comparison to the daily exploitation these innocent individuals endure. So what's the connection to TCU or Fort Worth? This is the beginning of a campus and community-wide effort to raise awareness! Ultimately, we want to reinvigorate the anti-human trafficking movement in our area and we want you to be part of that movement. So, take that first tangible step and join us – You and your friends/ family can be part of the beginnings of a POSITIVE change! Thank you for visiting our page! To read a bit about each organization we are fundraising for, click on the respective logo icon in the Team Leader Board. To donate, simply select a team (The Net or Traffick911) and enter your contribution.

Posted by Caroline Jones