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  Apr 01 2019 . San Francisco, CA, USA

Hello All!
My name is Eliana López. San Francisco, California is my home, Venezuela is my home country, and as a mother of two wonderful boys, I am in shock of the human tragedies occurring in Venezuela, especially to the young children.

Due to a lack of resources especially in the poorest parts of Venezuela, people are using landfill-plastic bags as makeshift diapers for their babies and toddlers. The rash of infections has spread quickly and there is no basic medicine or access to diaper supplies to halt this reality.  Families are in added-distress as young children suffer.

On March 20, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet stated: 

"I am deeply concerned by the magnitude and gravity of the human rights impact of the current crisis...Vulnerable populations, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and indigenous peoples have been particularly affected...The extent and severity of the crises in food, health care and basic services, have not been fully acknowledged by the authorities...The health system continues to deteriorate, with very significant impact on maternal mortality and morbidity and infant mortality." 

With my own mom, who remains in Venezuela, we have launched an international not-for-profit campaign -- with the support of the Natural Resources All Family Foundation, based in San Francisco, California, to collect t- shirts and fabric for the purpose of transforming these materials into cloth diapers. Thousands of diapers! Our objective is to reach as many children as we can throughout the nation, in partnership with Scala Foundation and Venezuelans without Borders, to deliver cloth diapers and laundry detergent.

We have a confident plan that spans North and South America, to collect and deliver raw materials, and to transform those materials into diapers, followed by a distribution plan that meets our intended population.   

In San Francisco I will be collecting the following Items:

-T shirts any size to make cloth diapers.


-Baby and Children clothes

-Diapers- (Disposable and cloth diapers)

-Diaper rash cream


-Multivitamins for moms and Babies

-Children and Infant Tylenol

-Nonperishable food

While we are collecting materials for diapers, we are also collecting money to pay the shipment, distribution costs, medicines and medical exams for those in need in Venezuela. All your donations will be tax deductable.

TYou can drop off your items here: 

-Natural Resources All Family Foundation at 1367 Valencia street. San Francisco.

-Brava! For Women in the Arts at 2781 24th street.

-Mission Cultural Center at 2868 Mission street.

-The New School at 655 De Haro street. 

This is a new campaign and it would not possible if it were not for the generous participation of the following: Scala Foundation, Natural Resources Family Foundation, Casa Bonampak, Brava! For Women in the Arts, The New School, Buenavista School - this is a partial list as our donor partner network grows.  

“[D]ue to an increasingly contracted economy and political unrest, the Venezuelan population is facing unprecedented challenges in accessing essential services, including protection, health care, medicines, vaccinations, water, electricity, education and access to food,” says the report, drafted by the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Please help us to bring some relieve to babies and Toddlers in Venezuela.

Thank you

Here are the link to several articles that you can read about the gravity of the situation in my beloved Venezuela:

United Nations Human Rights Oral Report on Venezuela

All the pictures sadly are real and has been Authorized by "Fundación Esperanza de Vida" for this campaign. 

Posted by Natural Resources All Families Foundation Inc