Open Floor Open House

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Open Floor Open House

Moving through the world On Zoom

November 27 to 30 

Open Floor International presents 23 of its most compelling teachers online.  Open Floor movement practices integrate a variety of themes into a flexible framework. Experience the practice and become more present and comfortable in your body. 

All funds raised will be used to increase the visibility of Open Floor practice and to support the OFI Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund.

Dates and Times are Central European Time unless otherwise noted

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How Does It Work?

You can attend as many classes as you like to get a wide range of Open Floor experiences. Click on the Register Here button and choose a ticket. You will get an email with the Zoom conference registration links and you can register for your individual classes. 

The sessions range from an hour to an hour, 30 minutes. No prior experience is needed. EveryBODY is welcome.

For the Full Schedule Click Here

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